• Continuously updated weather reports and webcam from Burnie
  • Jamie Campbell's Aero events

  • Interstate flying events- excellent presentation and very up-to-date
  • The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia

  • AOPA support the interests of all aircraft owners and pilots, including GA.
  • Recreational Aviation Australia Incorporated

  • For those interested in flying in a friendly environment - just for the sheer fun of it - or in building or buying their own aircraft
  • Aviation Fuel Finder

  • This is going to very handy in twenty years or so.
  • Pilot Briefing
    I thought pilot briefing was a pilot putting his underpants on, so I haven't looked at this link...
  • Weather information service:
    VHF 133.35 kHz (Wynyard) 133.225 kHz (Devonport)

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